Therapeutic Exercise Treatment in Murray

Therapeutic Exercise Treatment in Murray

Combining ideal spine alignment with correct muscle and tendon movement is the best way to stay strong, healthy and pain-free throughout your life. In our chiropractic clinic, we combine spinal adjustments with therapeutic exercise treatments to help you feel your best. Our goal is to help your whole body heal naturally.

When you come in to our clinic, we will create a custom plan based on any issues you might be having, ranging from chronic musculoskeletal pain to recent injuries. Depending on the severity of your condition and the underlying problems we discover, we may prescribe a therapeutic exercise program.

Our therapeutic exercise activities and techniques can help:

  • Improve walking ability, balance and coordination
  • Release tight fascia, tendons and contracted muscles
  • Mobilize joints while reducing tissue rigidity
  • Enhance circulation and respiratory function
  • Improve sports performance and endurance
  • Promote relaxation and healing

Depending on your needs, we may focus on very specific activities to strengthen certain parts of the body, general activities to help you recover from an injury or vigorous activities to promote strength and endurance while reducing the risk of future injuries.

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Spinal manipulation is a great tool for helping your body heal, and combining expert chiropractic treatment with a carefully designed therapeutic exercise plan can help you start feeling better even more quickly. Contact us online or call for a free phone consultation at 801-747-2886.

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