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Fotolia 53650060 XS Welcome to the Utah Injury ClinicSalt Lake City’s Utah Injury Clinic provides comprehensive chiropractic care, including post-injury exams and a variety of recovery treatments. Our personal injury clinic works with all car insurances. We also work with most major health insurance companies through our companion office, Millcreek Chiropractic, which accepts BCBS, Altius, Deseret Mutual, United Healthcare, Aetna, and more.

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Our accident doctors provide a variety of post-accident treatments in our Salt Lake City chiropractic center that is conveniently located in Murray, Utah. At Utah Injury Clinic, our treatments are about more than just making your pain disappear; we also help you recover from hidden injuries that could threaten the future quality of your health. In helping you discover and treat these unseen injuries, we can help you fully recover from your accident so that you can lead a normal, active life—both now and in the future.

Utah Injury Clinic provides comprehensive chiropractic and injury recovery care, and it’s covered by your car insurance!
We work with your car insurance to ensure your post-accident treatment is covered. Our balanced chiropractic care can restore your health and well-being!
At our Murray chiropractic clinic, we actively help you through the recovery process by providing a comprehensive injury evaluation, proper medico-legal diagnosis, documentation and coding, developing a good recovery plan, and administering natural, holistic therapy, such as a chiropractic spinal adjustments and massage therapy, supportive muscle balancing, recovery exercises, orthopedic supports, and homeopathic remedies. 

The expertly trained staff at our Murray chiropractic center will guide you through the insurance claim recovery process. We can even help you find the right attorney to represent your claim and reduce your worry and stress. When you have injuries causing back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or hip and knee pain, you may require some form of physical therapy. We work closely with other injury recovery treatments such as physical therapy, orthopedic and surgical evaluations, functional assessments, neurological evaluations, and more to give you the best possible health care team to aid you in achieving a balanced, speedy recovery. Our treatments are often more effective than the care that most people who have been injured in car accidents get from conventional health care. At Utah Injury Clinic, your care is always administered by a highly qualified chiropractic doctor. 

A Message from Dr. Jeff Schramm

Fotolia 53650255 XS 300x194 Welcome to the Utah Injury ClinicHello, and welcome to the Utah Injury Clinic. My name is Dr. Jeff Schramm, DC. I am a trained, certified chiropractor specializing in auto injury recovery in Murray, Utah. My staff and I want to help you feel great again! 

As your certified injury recovery specialist and chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am determined to help you avoid the long-term complications and hidden injuries that so many people needlessly suffer after being hurt in an accident. My staff and I attend many training courses and seminars, always looking for the best treatments to help you recover as quickly as possible, and we eagerly seek advanced training in personal injury recovery. At Utah Injury Clinic, we do everything we can to make a positive difference in your life.

As you recover, let our passion for excellence work for you. We will help you avoid future suffering from injuries that a majority of Americans seem to suffer from in their life because of car accidents in their past. We understand that although many patients may be diagnosed with whiplash, each person responds differently to treatments. For this reason, I tailor a specific plan of action to meet your needs, goals, and unique medical and physical conditions.


“In short: They are awesome, and if you do what they tell you to (a route i recommend-they know what they are talking about!) youcan feel great too! Thanks you guys!” – Jeff23

“Personable Holistic Care! Dr Grant has incredible knowledge, experience and expertise in care of the body as a whole, which produces real and lasting results. His care is very interactive and he generously passes the education on to you to empower you to heal! Thanks for all you’ve done for me and many others!” –rbcascott

“Great work! Dr. Grant gave a real thorough diagnosis and explained what was happening in a way that made sense to me. After an initial adjustment I felt much better, and that was even before he looked over the x-rays to start the real work.” –JayJayB

“Great doctor and awesome massage therapist. Dr. Grant has been my doctor for years, and he has always focused on educating me about my problem so that we can fix it together. He doesn’t just do the same things on every visit. He pinpoints your issue and helps you resolve it through therapy and finding the bad habits that caused it. Krystal, his massage therapist, really knows her stuff, too. My back feels so relaxed when she’s done. And Andrea really makes the whole insurance experience easy to understand and painless. I love this place!” –mjgyesme

“I highly recommend Dr. Grant for anyone who is serious about alignment health.” -Carrie Morgan (gimmeatree)

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When you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, it’s critical that you find a chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah who is a certified injury recovery specialist. You need an accident doctor who understands what you are going through and knows how reimbursement from your car insurance works with your ability to recover from your injuries. This is a crucial aspect of making sure your bills get paid and that you get a higher accident settlement after your care is completed. I want to be the doctor who will care for you and guide you back to health and a full and rewarding life with the assistance of my caring staff.

Fotolia 53650309 XS 300x200 Welcome to the Utah Injury ClinicI am certain that you will find the information on our website helpful as you learn more about the care you need during your recovery as well as the ways in which our chiropractic clinic can improve your quality of your life and guide you to successful recovery. Call us today for a priority appointment at our personal injury clinic in Murray, Utah and meet with me, Dr. Jeff Schramm, a trained, certified auto accident chiropractor serving Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas.

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